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Shelter Box Appeal

Friday Club and Tent


With the recent disasters in Burma and China still making international headlines, it was timely that the young people of the Friday Club, based at North Molton Methodist Chapel, held a Fun Morning to raise the funds to buy a Shelterbox. With wonderful sunny weather, the barbeque, car wash, stalls, games and competitions were a great success and the event was well supported by the villagers. In addition to the event, the Friday Club, chapel members, local shop and the village pubs had been collecting small change for the last two months. With Shelterboxes costing £490 each, they had aimed to buy one. However, the support was so brilliant, they managed a fantastic £1070 which will buy two!

BBQ for all

In Burma, Shelterbox was one of the first charities to bring aid to the stricken country, via 1,000 boxes which provided life-saving aid to 10,000 people. Shelterbox was the brainchild of an ex-service man, who was a Rotarian from Helston.

Each unit contains the basics to support 10 people, for up to six months. The substantial box (which can itself be used in a variety of ways) contains a sizeable tent, tools (such as a spade, a hammer, saw, rope and tape measure) a cooker, cooking utensils, plates, cups, cutlery and sleeping bags. And for any children caught up in the disaster, there are drawing pencils and pads, colouring books, a pencil sharpener and stickers.

David Netherway and Jack Stanley from the Rotary Club of South Molton, brought the Shelterbox and erected the tent with help from the Friday Club. It was then available for all to see at the Fun Day on the following morning.

David said:

The Activities

“ The Friday Club children have done a great job and were very interested to hear about the charity. I know they were initially aiming to raise enough money to buy one Shelterbox, but to be able to buy two is wonderful!

Rotary Clubs are always keen to promote the work of Shelterbox, so if anyone would like us to visit or come to their group to talk about the charity, please ring (01271) 830587. For more information you can visit the website on”.

The Ace Car Wash

Jack added: “Thank you to the children and adults at North Molton for their hard work in raising this money.

At £490 pounds each, the Shelterboxes are not cheap, but wherever they go in the world they help to save lives and to be able to send two will make a real difference.“

If any young people between the ages of 7-11 in the North Molton area would like to join Friday Club, please ring Rose Courtney on (01598) 740382.